The IT solutions that Advent One brings to organisations, assist them in digitising their businesses. In the modern world of disrupted markets and the race to automate business processes, Advent One has the ability to architect and build smart data systems, integrate multiple technologies, migrate legacy systems, and operate your IT with efficiency and security. Advent One works with NetApp to build a personalised data fabric, bringing your data to life, supporting innovation and driving competitive advantage.

The Key Pillars of the Advent One Difference

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud has been at the core of many modern IT solutions; it provides mobility, control, and agility to IT systems and infrastructure. By combining your IT storage and compute solutions into a highly modular and accessible platform like a Hybrid Cloud, you can enable diverse workloads to operate in the most fit-for-purpose location and utilise cloud services where it makes sense and adds the most value. We show how to harness data stored in various locations and how. Don’t have data become a burden. A data fabric supports agility in the business.

Data Fabric

A “data fabric” is the latest innovation in Cloud data management and our data fabric solution, powered by NetApp, can take full advantage of the opportunities that your data provides. The Advent One services surrounding a data fabric are designed to store, manage, protect, and serve the data of your organisation to build a personalised IT infrastructure solution that architects, builds, migrates, operates, and integrates your data throughout your storage infrastructure. We show you how to utilise automation throughout your data management strategy to drive innovation through your business.

Managed Services

One of the key dynamics driving the success of an organisation is the management of its IT services. From business to infrastructure, managed IT services lead to the enhancement of every process in your organisation. Advent One’s PlatformONE is a packaged offering with the simple goal of accelerating your Cloud journey and providing a service you can rely on. We show you how to reduce complexity, minimise costs and ensure quality when using our managed IT services.


Modern IT solutions rely on intelligent data automation to provide the efficient data infrastructure. Where the Hybrid Cloud and data fabric store and organise your data, automation brings your data to life and enables the agile working environment that keeps us competitive in the modern business environment. Advent One believes that automation should be in all things throughout the Cloud and a modernised datacenter, automating even the smallest tasks, to be done with the utmost efficiency. We show you how to reduce cost, complexity and risk within your data automation strategy.

Your IT Solutions

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